John Vincent Palatine’s

"The Little Drummer Boy"

A Prequel to the Third Reich - from Bismarck to the Beer Hall Putsch





A 40+ page introduction to the subject and the ongoing discussion of the relevance of Adolf Hitler -

Chapters on the political development of European Imperialism from the Roman Empire to the end of the 19th Century -

Hitler's early life in rural and small-town Austria -

The Vienna years -

Moving to Munich - including an introduction to the Wilhelmine Empire -

The Genesis of World War I -

Major operations of World War I -

Private First Class Adolf Hitler on the Western Front -

Germany's collapse in 1918 -

Subsequent revolution and the shaping of the German "Weimar" Republic -

The short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic and the military counter-revolution -

Adolf Hitler's meeting with a small political party in a  Munich inn  -

The development of the NSDAP -

The birth of the "Führer" -

Germany after World War I -

Plans within Plans -

November 8/9, 1923 - the Beer Hall Putsch.




1012 pages, including 103 coloured and 113 b&w illustrations - photographs, maps, statistics, graphics - Bibliography - Register of Illustrations - Register of Quotations - Index